ContentArmor Press release | 31 August 2018

C-kur TV Implements Watermarking in CAMs


C-Kur TVInc. and ContentArmor announce their collaboration to enable the support of ContentArmor™ Forensic Video Watermarkingto C-Kur TV CI (Common Interface) CAMs (Conditional Access Modules).

ContentArmor™ Forensic Video Watermarking is a security technology intended to deter actors along the content value chain from leaking content. To do so, an invisible watermark is embedded within the video content to uniquely identify the device or the recipient whom it has been delivered to. ContentArmor two-step manipulates the encoded bitstream directly, thus resulting in blitz-fast embedding and enabling integration at any point of the distribution chain, including now in C-Kur TV’s Consumer and Professional CAMs.

C-Kur TV’s newly released Europa chipset (an in-house development) was created with enough computational power to match what only upscale Set Top Box chipsets were able to perform until now. In addition, Europa’s video path enables the TS to be routed via the embedded memory for on-the-fly modifications at the level of the Elementary Packets. The combination of these two state-of-the art features grants the ability to descramble and modify the video bitstreams in real time before sending them to the CAM TS output (and, inthecase of a CI+ cam, before applying the CI+ rescrambling).

Thanks to this implementation in Consumer CAMs as well as ProCAMs, C-Kur TV Inc and ContentArmor enable Content Owners and Resellers to further maximize their revenues by closing a blatant gap in the video security value chain.

Kwangsub Sohn, CEO of C-Kur TV Inc. declared that “as content security experts, we knewthatthe weakest link in the content value chain would sooner or later become the target of constant attacks–so if an operator deploys watermarking on its most valuable content but one of the devices in use can’t perform it, this ruins the whole effort. We thus decided early on in the development of our chipset to provide an answer to this breach in video distribution security. C-Kur TV’s CAMs now provide such a solution that is market-ready”.

Alain Durand, CEO of ContentArmor adds “Most watermarking technologies cannot be genuinely supported in CAMs as they need the content to be decoded while CAMs do not have video decoding capabilities. We are very proud to demonstrate with C-Kur TV’s this unique feature of our forensic watermarking technology and to bring new value to content owners and broadcasters.”

Further information will be available for IBC 2018 that both C-Kur TV Inc (Booth 2.B29a) and ContentArmor (Booth 2.A36) will attend.



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