ContentArmor Forensic Watermarking solutions Live Sports

Having trouble keeping leeches away of your live sports value chain?

More than 20M viewers watched illicit feeds of Fury vs Wilder fight in February 2020 whereas only 850K people joined the legitimate pay per view event.

We protect your content / you maximize your revenues Watermarking for Sports

ContentArmor incorporates forensic watermarks in your video platform to protect your prime time sports events. The unique watermark present in illegal streams is then used to pinpoint the source of piracy and to terminate it within minutes.

Contentarmor technology profile Versatile Bitstream Watermarking

ContentArmor’s Video Watermarking solution modifies the bitstream directly, resulting in blitz-fast embedding. Its unique technology enables integration at any point of the distribution chain.

ContentArmor’s Video Watermarking can work with any third party components such as device vendors, content delivery network providers, video encoders or web monitoring solutions.

Watermarking is a key pillar of our anti-piracy strategy along with IP blocking, Web monitoring and legal actions - An OTT MENA Operator.

No additional encoding capacity required

Fast Pace watermark embedding

Unique solution FOR CAM watermarking

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