ContentArmor Technology Forensic Watermarking

An efficient means to deter piracy

Forensic watermarking is part of the arsenal against piracy alongside CAS, DRM, piracy monitoring, etc. Each recipient is given a copy of the video asset that contains a unique watermark. As a result, if the video asset is found on some illegal platform, the underlying watermark can be used to identify which recipient has leaked the video. This forensic process serves as a powerful deterrent against piracy.

Watermarking characteristics Harmonizing Conflicting Properties


The forensic watermark introduced in a video shall not impair the enter­tainment experience of the end user. The strength and shape of the water­mark shall therefore be adjusted to remain invisible for human beings.


Pirates have several means to obtain unauthorized copies of protected video material, e.g. recording video content displayed on a screen either with dedicated software or with a camcorder. Forensic watermarks shall remain recoverable after such manipulations.


Forensic watermarks encode binary information e.g. some kind of identi­fier. The watermark system shall fully embed the watermark in the small­est possible duration of video con­tent in order to reduce the length of pirate content required to perform detection.


Pirates analyze technical protection measures to devise efficient counter­measures. Watermarking systems shall withstand targeted attacks and offer some kind of renewability mechanism in case the watermark­ing algorithm is defeated at some point in time.

ContentArmor Bitstream Watermarking Blitz Fast Watermark Embedding

ContentArmor bitstream video watermarking technology has been designed to embed a watermark without having to decompress the video content. In order to achieve this goal, the overall watermarking process is divided in two steps. A preprocessing step first inspects the encoded video content to locate where and how it could be modified. The result of this analysis is then forwarded to an embedding step that actually applies modifications to the encoded video content in order to encode the desired identifier.

The virtue of this system design is that computationally-intensive operations can be offloaded in a preparation step that is only performed once. The embedding step is extremely simple and can be integrated virtually anywhere in the distribution pipeline e.g. in OTT edge servers, in integrated receivers/decoders (IRDs), in conditional access modules (CAMs), in consumer electronics devices...

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The fidelity and robustness of our technology has been thoroughly evaluated by Hollywood studios, independent auditors, and technology partners. ContentArmor bitstream video watermarking solution has been formally approved by Cartesian and ChinaDRM.


Our two-step system architecture offers several options for integration. Depending on the specifics of your environment, ContentArmor solution can be tailored to fit your needs and cut your operational costs.


ContentArmor watermark detection is offered as a service and operated in the cloud. It can be accessed either through a web application or directly though a secure REST API.

ContentArmor leverages on more than a decade of R&D in video processing and watermarking, as well as a portfolio of more than 20 patent families.

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