ContentArmor Forensic Watermarking solutions Pre-Release

Worried to leak the next blockbuster screener?

Digital video piracy has reduced US content production industry revenue by more than $27 billion in 2017
(source US Chamber of commerce, June 2019)

We protect your content / you maximize your revenues Watermarking for Pre-Release

ContentArmor incorporates forensic watermarks in your video platform to protect dailies, localization and screeners workflows. The unique watermark present in illegal streams is then used to pinpoint the source of piracy and take remedial actions.

contentarmor technology profile Versatile Bitstream Watermarking

ContentArmor’s Video Watermarking solution modifies the bitstream directly, resulting in blitz-fast embedding. Its unique technology enables integration at any point of the distribution chain.

Either on-prem or in the cloud, you can freely scale your watermarking deployment according to your needs to safeguard your premium assets from trailers to full feature film.

You have solved all my legacy pain points with watermarking: long ingest time and extra storage - A MAM SaaS Vendor




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