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In 2019, 27% of users reported using copyright infringement as ‘a way to listen to or obtain music in the past month’. (IFPI, Music Listening Report, 2019)

We protect your content, you maximize your revenues Watermarking for Music

ContentArmor incorporates audio watermarks in your music to protect your exclusive tracks. The unique watermark present in illegal streams is then used to pinpoint the source of piracy and take remedial actions.

contentarmor technology profile Audio Watermarking

ContentArmor Audio Watermarking is a technology intended to deter actors along the content value chain from leaking content. To do so, an inaudible forensic watermark is embedded within the content to uniquely identify the device or the recipient whom it has been delivered to.

By watermarking the uncompressed audio content, ContentArmor’s audio watermarking algorithm achieves high robustness while keeping perfect audio quality. High embedding speed through performance optimized algorithms allows easy workflow integration.

Ability to integrate audio watermarking in our private workflow was the key mandatory requirement fulfilled with ContentArmor -
A Music Platform Operator

inaudible to
“golden ears”

resist high loss


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