ContentArmor Press release | 9 January 2018

Cartesian’s Robustness Tests Passed

ContentArmor is announcing that its video watermarking solution is the first one to complete Cartesian’s robustness evaluation.

Cartesian’s thorough set of robustness tests has been defined in collaboration with content owners including major studios to benchmark watermarking solutions against common practices of pirates.

“From Hollywood to sports leagues, premium content owners and distributors need to protect their assets and forensic watermarking is key to deter and hinder piracy,” said Alain Durand, CEO of ContentArmor. “We are very proud to be the first vendor to complete Cartesian’s testing. Cartesian’s test report details the level of efficiency and robustness of our video watermarking solution to our customers and to the market.”

During this assessment, the videos watermarked by ContentArmor were modified by Cartesian using transformations (compression, cropping, camcording, screencasting, etc.) routinely used by pirates when they steal video content from legitimate services. Cartesian then verified that the watermark payload was recoverable using ContentArmor’s watermark detector.


About Cartesian Inc

Cartesian, Inc. is a specialist provider of consulting services and managed solutions to leaders in the telecoms, digital media, and technology industries. Cartesian’s content security services include the Farncombe Security Audit™, anti-piracy services, and security consulting. Clients include TV broadcasters, content distributors, equipment vendors and network operators. Cartesian employs a data-driven approach, underpinned by real-world experience and in-depth industry knowledge, to solve their clients’ most complex challenges. The company has offices in Boston, Kansas City, London, New York, Paris, Philadelphia, and Washington.

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