ContentArmor News | 27 April 2016

ContentArmor Joins the UHD Forum


ContentArmor became an Associate Member of the Ultra HD Forum on April 27th, 2016.

The Ultra HD Forum is bringing together market leaders from every part of the industry: broadcasters, service providers, consumer electronics, and technology vendors to collaborate on solving the real-world hurdles, and accelerating Ultra HD deployment.

UHD services hold a premium value that requires revisiting security mechanisms to safeguard the revenues of the stakeholders in the ecosystem. These new requirements are reflected in particular by the MovieLabs specification for Enhanced Content Protection. In this context, ContentArmor intends to actively contribute to the Ultra HD Forum regarding recommendations and guidelines for security mechanisms consistent with the constraints of other UHD technology providers. In particular, ContentArmor will investigate how to accelerate the adoption of forensic watermarking technologies to deter UHD content piracy.

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