ContentArmor Press release | 5 September 2018

ContentArmor Integrated in SMIT CAMs

Shenzhen, Rennes

SMIT, a global security device provider, and ContentArmor, a leading forensic watermarking vendor, announced to support -ContentArmor technologyby SMIT Conditional Access Modules (CAM). More operators are providing attractive and high-value program to the users, these high-value programs from studios and content providers require -more security to the device used to decrypt and decode the high-value contents. Content providers thus have defined a set of security rules including forensic video watermarking.

Forensic video watermarking is used by studios and broadcasters to fight against video piracy. This technology is able to trace the source of piracy, down to individual pay-TV subscribers or manage-devices, and there by acts as a powerful deterrent. ContentArmor video forensic watermarking resists to a wide range of modifications to the content, from simple transcoding to screen capture.

SMITCI Plus 1.4 ECP CAM, officially licensed by various CAS, is a handy electronic device that meets the DVB CI Plus standards. By integrating the ContentArmor forensic video watermarking, the CAM can providea higher secure environment meeting Enhanced Content Protection requirements from the MovieLabs. The solution can address multiple use-cases from end-users’distributions including Premium Video-On-Demand delivery and live channels protection to professional applications such as primary distribution tracking.

“We are delighted to offer our customers the studio-approved forensic video watermarking technology of ContentArmoron our CAM products.With this solution to -meet the requirements of premium content distribution, SMIT and ContentArmor –can provide better service for our customers”, said Bingyu Xiang, General Manager of CAM products, SMIT.

“ContentArmor forensic video watermarking is currently the only technology available on the market that can be easily integrated in Conditional Access Modules. We can therefore address in a comprehensive, unified way the requirements of SMIT customers, fromCAM module support to live OTT solutions”, said Alain Durand, CEO at ContentArmor.

To know more about SMIT products, contact or visit booth 1.D86 at IBC 2018. To know more about ContentArmor solutions, contact or visit booth 2.A36 at IBC 2018.


About SMIT

SMIT is a leading security devices provider for pay TV broadcasting access worldwide. SMIT design and develop security devices primarily for the pay TV industry globally through sales of conditional access module, orCAM, products which provide end users with access to pay TV content. Headquartered in HongKong, with offices in Shenzhen, mainland China and Munich, Germany, SMIT has been certified by more than 20 CAS companies worldwide. Its products and solutions have been deployed in 46 countries, including Northern Europe, Western Europe, Balkan, Russia, Pan-Africa, India…etc. quickly growing to serve more than 400 customers since its inception in 2002. For more info, please visit or contact

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