ContentArmor News | 19 February 2021

UHD Forum published a Video Watermarking API

Video piracy is recognized as a reality nowadays, and forensic watermarking is taking its share of the spotlight. Forensic watermarking is now commonly a mandatory requirement in Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) for end-to-end security systems.  […]

Interoperability is a critical enabler to facilitate the adoption of new technoloies in the media world. When possible, protocols, APIs shall be collectively defined and agreed upon between industry players. The goal is to lower the cost of integration and deployment  […]

Several watermarking vendors (ContentArmor, Irdeto, Nexguard, Verimatrix) are members of the Ultra HD Forum and actively participate in its Security Working Group. Over the last year, they jointly defined a standard API to interface an encoder with a watermarking engine that generates pre-watermarked variants of the input video content.  […]

 It is welcomed by encoders vendors, as expressed by Stephane Cloirec, VP Video Appliance Products from Harmonic, who said, “Building a strong video delivery ecosystem around industry standards has been Harmonic’s philosophy since inception. Historically, content protection interface standardization around DVB Simulcrypt has demonstrated the value of this standard-based approach. We expect that the watermarking API will play the same instrumental role to facilitate the penetration of watermark-based content protection throughout the video industry.”

You can read the full story here and you can download the specification V1.0 of the API here.

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